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Slow Cooker Salsa Verde

You can use this shredded meat in so many different ways: in enchiladas, in a salad, or of course to make tacos. I made tacos with Siete Foods paleo tortillas. Yes, you read that correctly they make PALEO tortillas and they’re just a good as regular ones.


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Garlic & Lemon Lover’s Roasted Chicken

Chicken. One of the most used and versatile proteins around, and I love to explore all different ways to prepare this healthy protein. Many combinations will transform this delectable bird.

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Flavor God Shrimp

Shrimp Tacos!

I love this use of a middle eastern flat bread. Simply assemble the ingredients over the flat bread and have a delicious taco with my Lemon Garlic seasoning. Thanks Manny!

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Fabulous “Flavor God” Roast Chicken

Whole30 approved.

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Chicken Mushroom Pasta

Chicken mushroom pasta with sun-dried tomatoes in a creamy garlic and basil sauce

This chicken Mushroom with FlavorGod Garlic sauce will change your life

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